April 2024 Release Notes

What's new? 

New /SmsStatus Public API

We have added a new API to /SmsActions called /SmsStatus that allows partners to get the status of a message if it was sent or failed to send due to 'X' when sending via the delayed queue approach that Amplitude uses. 

New SMS Numbers Section to the Accounts Page in the Partner Portal

An SMS Numbers section has been added to the accounts page in Partner Portal for accounts with SMS. It will show the provisioned SMS numbers (for the SMS Quicksend module and /SmsActionsPublic APIs) as well as the SMS Verification status for each number.

Updated the outbound_fax Webhook to Support New Cancel Statuses

We have updated the outbound_faxoutbound_fax webhook to supply canceled status for faxes that have been canceled via the Outbound Fax Dashboard UI.

Partner's who were implemented prior to April 2024 should reach out to Updox Support if they are interested in adding the cancel fax feature. 

Updated /FaxStatusGet to Support New Cancel Statuses

We have updated the /FaxStatusGetAPI to check for the support fax 'canceled' status.