How To: Add a User to a Strategy in Partner Portal


This guide will walk you though creating a new user inside Partner Portal for a strategy.


Step 1:

Login to Partner Portal for your environment. 

NOTE: The link to your environment can be found here: Partner Portal 

Step 2:

Login to Partner Portal

Step 3:

Once you have successfully entered, navigate to: "Menu," then select "Users" 

Step 4:

Select the "Create New" button

Step 5:

You will be prompted with a few empty fields to fill out. Enter the User's: Name and Email Address 

Once finished, click "Create"

Step 6:

Next, find the User you just created within the "User List" -- then click "Details" in order to update the User's level


  • Admin(s) can create Partner Portal Users and change permissions of users of partner portal.
    • Only "Managers" are able to create and manage Partner Accounts.
    • "Basic" is read only.