July 2022

Public API Changes

Update Patient Record for PortalAccountSave Language and Location

Overview: API Maintenance

It was found that 'language' and 'location' for a patient did not save when PortalAccountSave was called the first time, however if the exact same request body was called again, the 'language' and 'location' would be saved successfully.

This issue was resolved for both v1.1 and v1.2 of PortalAccountSave. The issue was not present for PortalAccountSave v1.0.

Partner Portal Changes

Renamed Patient Portal module and Added on in Partner Portal

Overview: Documentation Update

The version of the Updox Patient Portal will now be reflective on the Partner Portal.  The previous label of "Patient Portal" will now show which version is configured, either "Patient Portal 1.0" or "Patient Portal 2.0".

Added Pagination to Audit Log Menu Dashboard

Overview: Performance Improvement

Partner Admin(s) are now able to view the User List in a more efficient way to ensure that their waiting time does not solely rely on the application fetching all Audit Logs by providing them multiple pages on demand.