How To: Upload a Broadcast Patient List

Uploading a patient Broadcast list is an easy way for you to create a group of patients to use in your Broadcast communications. 

1. Access the File Upload area in Updox by clicking on Menu, then Tools, then File Upload (.csv).

2. In the first dropdown, choose Updox Standard Maps, then Broadcast Patient List in the second dropdown. Next, Click Download Template.  A template .csv will open in a separate tab for you to use.  You can also download the template here 

Note: The Broadcast Patient List requires there to be existing patients who have the correlating Patient ID. When creating your patient list, you must follow the standard format exactly as displayed, ensuring that all the columns are in the correct order.

Below is an example of the Broadcast Patient List.  The following fields are required for Upload: 

  • Patient ID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • DOB
  • Gender 
  • Active True

4. After you have your template ready, add the file from your device, name the file, and upload. 

5. Your .csv will display under Unprocessed Files.  

6. Once your file is finished processing, it will automatically move to Processed Files.

7.  The list will be available with the name you gave it when you send a Broadcast message.  

8. You can manage your Broadcast list in Menu > Admin > Broadcast Configuration > Lists