February 2023

February 2023 – What's New?

'Type Ahead' Search Added for Templates in the SMS Window


We have added the ability to search and filter your template library when sending an SMS text message to ensure a quick and seamless selection process! 

After clicking on the Template drop down, you may begin to type the name of your desired Template. Your options will be filtered in real time with each keystroke, similar functionality to the ‘Assign to a queue’ and ‘Form’ dropdowns.

Tagging: Updated Interface and Look

Tags Menu

We have updated the look and feel of the Tags Menu (Menu → Admin → Tags) which displays your active and inactive tags and provides the ability to add a new tag, edit a tag's color or name, activate or inactivate a tag, order tags in your preferred order, and delete a tag.

Tag Color Customization

You are now able to completely customize your Tag color(s) by utilizing the newly added color wheel and brightness slider!

Reordering Tags

To reorder tags, hover your mouse over the double bar in the tag you want to move, then drag and drop it in the order you prefer. This order will be used everywhere where tags can be selected in the app like inbox items, forms, and advanced fax routing rules.

Editing Tags

To edit a tag, hover over an existing tag and click on the “Edit” icon.

From here, you can update the tag name and select a new color, and set the tag to active or inactive using the “Active” checkbox.

Applying Tags

You can tag items in your Updox inbox by clicking the tag icon located within the item’s title and selecting the appropriate tag. The tags will be displayed in the order you set in the Tags menu. You can scroll the list of tags using your mouse or the Up and Down arrow keys, or you can type to quickly filter and find your tag.