Video Chat Waiting Room: Tips and Tricks

The Waiting Room in Updox's Video Chat makes managing your telehealth visits an easy and intuitive process.  You can send invites to patients right from your waiting room management view. 

But, did you know you could also set up a public waiting room link that patients can use to join at any time?  

In this article, we will look at setting up the public waiting room and a couple of examples of how to use it.  

Set Up

1. Go to Video Chat from the Home menu. 

2. Next, go to the Settings menu. 

3. Check the box for Set My Room to Public.

4. Once the waiting room is public, you will have access to the URL link to copy.  

Opening and Closing the Waiting Room

When the Wating Room is open, patients can access the link and Waiting Room wherever you have included it.  At any time you can close the room so that it cannot be accessed with the link.  

You can change the status of the room on the Settings page

You can also change the settings from the main Video Chat dashboard. 

When the Waiting Room is closed, patients will see the message below when trying to access it.

Using the Public Waiting Room on a Website

Now that you have set up your public waiting room, you can use the link on your website.  That way patients will always have access to the link and you don't have to worry about sending or resending the link to them. 

Below is an example of the link embedded into a sample website. 

The patient simply clicks the link and is directed to the waiting room where they can enter their name and get started with the visit. 

You will be able to manage the visit from the Video Chat dashboard. 

Using the Public Waiting Room Link with Reminders

Another useful example of the Public Waiting room is with reminders.  You can set the link in your reminders so that the link will always be available to patients in their reminders. 

Below is an example of a text reminder script that includes the link to the Public Waiting room.  

When the reminder is delivered, it will include the link to the Public Waiting Room. The patient clicks on the link to get started.  After entering their name and enabling video and microphone access, they are ready to join the visit. 

And that's all there is to setting up and using the Public Waiting Room for Video Chat. 

For more information on our Video Chat, check out our support page here