Creating a New Request

You can create two types of export requests: Individual and Practice.  An individual export allows you to export the data associated with a patient. A practice export will export all the patient and document data in your account. 

Both types of exports begin under the EHI Export section of the Admin menu.  

Next, from the EHI Export dashboard, select New Export Request.

Exports are available for download for 30 days once completed. After 30 days (from the date a request has finished processing and is available for download), the request will move to the Archived tab. You will still be able to view the details of the request once it is archived, but the downloadable files will be permanently deleted and no longer available.  

Individual Patient Export Request

On the request submission screen:

  • Name the export  
  • You can enter an optional description
  • Select a Date Range
  • Under Export Type, choose Patient

After you have selected Patient as the export type there will be some information you need to enter. 

  • Select the patient 
  • Choose the data you would like included in the export
  • Enter a due date for the export

Please note, the Due Date on a Patient level export is intended for your internal use to track when the data may have been promised to a patient and organize your in-progress requests.

Click Submit to export the data for the patient.  The request will process and appear in the dashboard. 

Exporting Practice Data

With a practice export, you can export the data and documents for your entire patient population.  

Please note that practice-level exports may take a significant time to process depending on the amount of data in your account. 

On the request submission screen:

  • Name the export.  
  • You can enter an optional description
  • Select a Date Range
  • Under Export Type, choose Practice

After you have selected Practice, choose the data you would like to include in the export and click Submit

Next, you will need to confirm the export request by reviewing the information in the window, checking the boxes, and clicking Confirm

The request will process.  You can view the status and download the export on the Dashboard.