FAQ: Faxing

Frequently Asked Questions for Updox Faxing

Troubleshooting Incoming Faxes

  1. SOS! I cannot see my faxes!

Take a look at the filters on the top center of your screen. Do you see any purple squares? If so, make sure you have your filters set up so they’re inclusive of the content you would expect to see.


2. Is someone else able to see fax items that you are not ? 

  • Does it live in a queue that you do not have access to? Ask your administrator to add you to the queue if that’s appropriate.
  • Is the item in the practice inbox? If so, ask your admin to make sure your user record has “can view practice items” checked (Menu - Admin - Users (select user) - Settings - Checkbox: can view practice items).

3. I cannot see items with the current date.  If you cannot see items with the current date make sure that you are sorting by added (newest first) and you are on the first page. 

4. How do I see more items on my page? You can increase the number of items one can see in their Updox Inbox at once. Navigate to Menu - Admin - Users - Settings and adjust the “items to show on one page” field. 

Troubleshooting Outgoing Faxes

  1. If frequently getting failures when sending to a particular recipient, check by calling the number from a landline or cell to see if it is still a valid fax number. 
  2. Make sure to use valid fax numbers for the from number to prevent your fax number from being blocked. 
    • If using "from number" (or If using APIs and adding a caller ID) make sure you have added a valid fax number. If using an invalid or discontinued number this could result in your faxes being blocked from outside carriers.
    • If sending an unusually high-volume, one-time fax ask the recipient to call and notify their carrier that they are expecting the large fax to prevent the number from being blocked. 
Blocked Faxes What is it?

Fax carriers may block a fax number – like how they block spam texts that are reported. Blocking is set by the receiving carrier and they block by looking for originating numbers that place high volume calls too many destinations with a high failure rate. 

Is there a process to get a block removed once it has happened?

To get a block removed, there are two possible options –

  1. A customer can have the recipient contact their fax carrier to verify the block and let them know that the sending (fax # or caller ID#) is not a spammer and to please stop blocking it.
  2. Some carriers offer a self-reporting mechanism for indicating to them that we are not a spammer. Here are a few links certain carriers provide to do so (The below websites are not ones that we maintain please contact the carrier if you have any questions)
    ATT - https://www.att.com/reviewmycalllabel
    Verizon - https://www.voicespamfeedback.com/vsf
    T-Mobile - https://feedback.forsvt.com
    Sprint / US Cellular - http://reportarobocall.com
    NoMoRobo (Cox / Xfinity / VoIP / General) - https://nomorobo.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
    Charter/Spectrum/Time Warner - https://spamreport.spectrum.com/charter/#

Fax Processing Best Practices

  1. I tried using the + button to upload files into Updox but it’s slow. Please help. We recommend dragging and dropping files into Updox instead. This process operates in the background and takes a shorter amount of time. Alternatively, you can use Updox print to inbox functionality to generate content in your Updox inbox more quickly.
  2. What is the difference between “Print to Fax” and “Print to Inbox”? The Updox Print to Inbox printer will enable you to move documents from your EHR, a website, or other application to your Updox Inbox. The Updox Fax printer will enable you to fax documents from your EHR, a website, or other application directly.
  3. Can I specify a range of pages to flip or rotate? For example: 1-3, 6, 7-10 Not currently but the development team knows this is a priority for our community members.
  4. What’s the maximum number of fax pages I can send at once? Ooh a daredevil... 400 but remember that the larger the fax, the longer it will take to process. Importing a large file is fastest with the Updox Central Printer and Updox Virtual Printer. Dragging and dropping a 400 page file can take some time and we don’t recommend it. 
  5. How does my fax machine interact with Updox? Updox and fax hardware do not interact. Many people disconnect their fax machine entirely so they don’t have to check two systems. 

Porting and Forwarding

  1. What is the difference between porting and forwarding fax numbers? How do I learn more about each process?To learn more about porting, forwarding, and the process associated with each, please visit our porting and forwarding page.
  2. What happens to my Updox # once I port my old # over to Updox? We can remove the Updox fax number upon your request. 
  3. Can you forward an Updox # to another fax #? No, because we are an e-faxing service. Please initiate a porting request through your new faxing carrier if you’re interested in porting your number out.