How To: Send a Broadcast Message

The Updox Broadcast tool will allow you to send one-way messages to all or a select group of patients at once, using the following steps.

Step 1: 

From the Updox Inbox, select Menu - Home - Broadcast.  A prompt will ask what delivery method for the broadcast.  For this example, Text Broadcast will be selected.

Step 2: 

There are 2 fields to first select:

  1. ‘Respect patients’ communication method:  This will respect any patients’ communication method set in Updox (typically part of an EMR sync).  Select ‘Yes’ from the dropdown to respect these methods.
  2. Send to:  There are a number of pre-populated lists of patients you can choose from in the drop-down, such as ‘Yesterdays’ appointments’ for surveys and/or follow-up, ‘Tomorrow’s’ Appointments’ for office policy reminders, or ‘All Patients’.  You can also create your own Broadcast list under Menu - Admin - Broadcast Configuration.

Step 3: 

Either chose a pre-populated ‘Message Template’ or enter the text of your Broadcast in the ‘Message’ box.  You can use the variables located to the right to personalize the message.

For example, a Broadcast may look like this:

Hi [firstname], Just a reminder from [practicename] to bring an updated version of your insurance and your driver’s license to your appointment tomorrow.

Tip:  Broadcast message templates help save time for your team.  You can create these by clicking on Menu - Admin - Broadcast Configuration, then ‘Templates’.  Click ‘New’ in the bottom right, choose the delivery method you’d like to create a template for, create your template, and click ‘Save’.

Step 4:  

There is an option to set a Broadcast to repeat automatically.  A common example would be a message for patient’s birthdays:  Select ‘This Week’s Birthdays’ from the ‘Send To’ list, draft the birthday message, then choose ‘Weekly’ under ‘Set to Repeat’.

Step 5:  

Click ‘Send’ to send the broadcast message. You will then receive this pop-up:

Once you have read the message, click "YES, CONTINUE THIS OPERATION" and the broadcast message will be sent.

Tip #1:  Broadcast messages are not HIPAA complaint, so do not include any PHI information for the patients. To send a HIPAA-secure message, please use Updox Secure Text.

Tip #2:  To view patient lists and the content of your message templates, navigate to Menu - Admin - Broadcast Configuration.