Reminders User Guides

A quick guide to get your practice using Reminders!

Step 1: Log Into Updox

Enter your username and password to log in to your Updox account.

 Step 2: Reminder Configuration

To set-up your reminders, choose Menu — Admin — Reminders. You’ll be able to configure the following:

  • Delivery method
  • Timing
  • Response types
  • Custom scripts

Step 3: Delivery Method

You can choose up to three automated reminders per appointment. Each reminder can have the same or different delivery method and customizable timeframe to be sent prior to the scheduled appointment time.


Step 4: Timing

There are two options for blackout time windows.

  1. Blackout weekends: Checkbox: If selected, reminders will not go out on Saturdays and Sundays.
  2. Nightly blackout start time / Morning blackout end time: Timeframe. These settings will ensure that no reminders are sent during the selected timeframe

Step 5: General Configuration
You can choose additional customization by selecting checkboxes next to the following areas:
  • Send reminders after confirmation is received: After a patient confirms, this will still ensure reminders (without the option to reply) go out as scheduled.
  • Allow patients to cancel an appointment from the reminder: If you want the patient to be able to cancel appointments from the reminder, check this option.
  • Allow patients to call the office from the reminder: For phone reminders, this will give the patient the option to press four to be automatically transferred to a phone line at your practice.
    • Remember to always click ‘Save’ when changing any configuration options


Step 6: Reminder Scripts

There are default scripts automatically assigned set-up Menu — Admin — Reminders, then Scripts.

  • The default script per method will be indicated with the method icon.
  • To review and test the script, double click into the title of the script.
  • To customize the script, choose Make a Copy, then edit as needed

Additional Information

Activating Reminders 

Once you have finished your configuration, you are able to activate your reminders by checking the box next to 1st, 2nd and 3rd reminder (depending on how many reminders you chose to send). Once checked, click Save.

Reminders Dashboard
  • To view patient responses, or those who have yet to respond to a reminder, click Menu — Home — Reminder dashboard. 
    • This will show which customers have yet to confirm for additional outreach from office staff.
    • If you are using an integrated E.H.R with reminders, you will also be able to view reminders responses in your calendar.