February 2023

Public API Changes

Outdated MU Measure APIs Allowed Date Range No Longer to Exceed One Year

Overview: API Maintenance

  • Restricting date values to prevent infinite date ranges on MeaningfulUse_2017_Actions - MeaningfulUse_2021_Actions

    • Allowed date range should not exceed one year

    • 4060 Invalid Arguments error will be displayed if a user tries to submit a date range > 367 days

Hide & Modify Documentation of /FaxNumberBlockSave on NewIO Page

Overview: API Maintenance

  • Hide by default /FaxNumberBlockSave on the NewIO page, so it is listed in the outdated methods

  • Documentation of the /FaxNumberBlockSave should be revised to state:

    • “Add a fax number to or remove it from the Updox blocklist which directs inbound faxes from blocked numbers to the Spam folder within the Updox web application.”

Delete SsoMessageActions.MessageInboxList

Overview: API Maintenance

  • Users will no longer see the api MessageInboxList under the SsoMessageActions section of the interactive api page

  • API calls to the API will return a 404

Remove TokenGet Endpoint

Overview: API Maintenance

TokenGet under SsoMessageActions is no longer in use and has been removed.

Created New RetrieveSubmittedFormSummaries Public API

Overview: New API

As an Updox customer or partner who would like to use Updox Forms discrete data retrieval, I would like an API I can call to obtain the list of form IDs for forms submitted within a specified date range so that I can identify the ones I’d like to retrieve the form data for and then use the ID received in this API to call the RetrieveSubmittedForm.

  • Create a new RetreieveSubmittedFormSummaries API under FormActions

  • Input: 

    • fromDatetime

    • toDatetime

      • Dates range not to exceed 7 days

    • includeTrash : true/false

      • Default to false

  • Output

    • formId: the unique identifier of the form being submitted

    • submittedAt: the date/time the form was submitted

    • title: the title of the form being submitted

API Documentation should state:

Get summaries of submitted forms in the given time range.

The response will include the submitted formId, date/time the form was submitted, and the title for forms submitted within the timeframe specified in the request parameters.

Please note that a maximum of 7 days can be specified for the timeframe between the fromDatetime and toDatetime.

The formId can be used to retrieve the submitted form details using the RetrieveSubmittedForm API.