Queues: Tips and Tricks

Queues are a great way to optimize your Updox workflows.  Queues allow you to segment messages in your inbox to designated users in your practice and/or by message type.  For example, if you wanted to have your inbound medical records requests handled by a subset of staff members in your office, you could make a queue just for those requests.   

Learn how to set up queues

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples.  

Using Queues for Text Messages 

You can set up a queue so that the text message responses (either secure text or SMS) are sent back to a queue.   

When you send a text, you have the ability to select a queue.  

In the example below, the patient's response will go back to the text messages queue that was created.

Now, when the patient responds to that text message, the reply will be sent to that queue.  You or the users you have assigned to the queue can filter down to just that queue to view and work the text message responses. 

Using Queues for Forms

You can also assign a form to a queue so that the filled-out form returns to the designated queue.   

After setting up the queue, you can add it to the form under the Submitted To field.  Save your changes.  Now, the form will be directed back to the designated queue for the assigned users to access when a form is received.

In your inbox, you can filter to the queue for the forms that have been returned to your inbox.  

What to learn more? 

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