Fax Blocklist Overview


If you receive spam faxes to your Updox Inbox, you can block a number from interrupting your daily workflows by adding it to the Fax Blocklist. When a fax number is added to the Fax Blocklist, all future faxes from the number will automatically be moved to the spam folder. 

You can block a number in two different places - from the fax in your Inbox or within the Fax Blocklist . The Fax Blocklist displays who blocked the number, when the number was blocked, and the reason why. 

The Blocklist can be accessed by going to Menu > Admin > The Blocklist (for Admins only) or by going to Home > Outbound Faxes and clicking on the Blocklist tab.

Admins and non-admins with the Allow non-admins to block incoming fax numbers setting checked in Menu > Admin > Practice Settings can add numbers to the Blocklist. 

To add a fax number to the Blocklist, click + Add Blocklist Number and provide the fax number and reason. 

Fax numbers can also be added to the Blocklist from the fax item in the Inbox. Within the fax item, click Mark as Spam, select the checkbox, and add a reason. Once confirmed, the number will be added to the Blocklist.

Only admins can delete numbers from the blocklist. 

To delete a number, simply click the red trash can at the end of the row and confirm the pop up.