March 2022

March 2022 – What's New?

Faxing: Marking as Spam/Not Spam is Now Tracked in the Audit Trail

When an Item in your Inbox is either marked as Spam, Not Spam, or the Number was added to the Blocklist, it will now be documented within the item’s audit trail.

This allows for office's to easily find out when a Fax Number was marked as Spam, which User was responsible for the action, and the exact date and time the action was completed.

New Logout Page & Confirmation

Upon logging out, you will be redirected to our new Logout screen, confirming that you have successfully logged out and to close any other Updox tabs or windows. You will also have a button labeled "Return to Login Page" which when clicked, you will be redirected back to the Log-In page to proceed as usual!

The security of our customers is priority at Updox. By reminding you to close out of all Updox tabs or windows and providing confirmation that your Log Out process was successful will only assist with the protection and security of your account.