How To: Setting Up IP Safelisting

IP Safelisting allows Account Holders to configure a safelist of allowed IP addresses that your users can access Updox from. 

Setting Up IP Safelisting

1. Sign in to your Updox account. Under Menu, select Admin and click Practice Security Settings

2. You will be taken to the Security Settings page for your account.  Here you can manage multi-factor authentication and IP Safelisting. 

Note: The IP Safelist is empty by default, meaning there is no restriction on which IPs can access your Updox account. As soon as any entry is provided, IP addresses that do not match will be blocked. 

CAUTION: An IP address can be misconfigured.  An incorrect configuration can lead to users under your account being blocked from accessing Updox. As mentioned in the image above, it’s recommended to only modify these settings if you are sure you know how IP addresses are assigned for your organization.

3. You can add IP addresses to the safelist using the following notations: 
  • A single IP address
  • An IP address range formatted in CIDR notation, e.g.
  • An IP address range formatted as (base IP address)-(subnet mask), e.g.
By default, your current IP address will be displayed to assist in avoiding a potential misconfiguration.  A banner will be displayed when any IP address is provided in the list, indicating if your own IP address matches against anything in the list or not, as shown below:   
Enter an IP address into the field and click Add to list. Repeat for other IP addresses you would like to add.                                                               

4.  You will see a banner when at least one entry matches your current IP address. You can enable/disable entries in the safelist without explicitly removing them, or you can delete entries outright.                                                                                                                                                      

5.  When a user logs into an account from an IP address that is not in the safelist, they will be blocked from logging in and will be presented with the following screen:        

If an Account Holder loses access to Updox due to an IP address misconfiguration, they will need to contact Updox Support to have the IP Safelist for the account cleared.