The /FaxOemPop and PopPDF function with the same parameters. The later creates a PDF file as output instead of .png 

This API is a multifunction API. 

  1. It will tell you when run if there are faxes to be retrieved

  2. It will include the fax in the response JSON if present

  3. It will mark the Fax “handled/read” 

The API has one value to populate when submitting the call. lastRetrievedFaxId.

Submitting Process

When submitted with no faxID in this call, Updox will look for the oldest fax not yet handled. And deliver the fax. Once a fax has been retrieved that last fax ID should always be populated in the call. Providing the last id marks that fax as “handled/read” and the call will look for the next oldest faxID and pull down the next fax. This process should be repeated until "endOfQueue": true is received. 

At this time the application should go back to the process designed to wait for a new fax to hit the queue. 


If lastRetrievedFaxId is not provided, function 3 will never know to mark the fax and “handled/read”.  The next time the call is made we will find the same ID and include the same fax in the next call. We will attempt to push the same fax to you until the id is provided in the lastRetrievedFaxId or our max retries of 10x is reached. At that point we will mark the fax as force handled and move on to the next fax.

From the partner’s perspective if no LastREtrievedFaxId is never populated, the vendor will receive 10 copies of the fax and the inbound fax consumption will be 1/10th the throughput it could be.