Unsubscribing from Broadcast Emails


As an Updox Practice/Pharmacy, sending out bulk Broadcast Email Messages via the Broadcast product, your recipients now have the ability to request that they no longer receive future communications. (Similar to the current functionality with Broadcast Texts)

This will help us stay compliant with vendors and carriers and prevent any messages from being blocked. 

NOTE: Updox is investigating a solution that would surface patients who have opted out of communications to ensure end users have visibility to track and manage which patients would not receive notifications. Timing is still to be determined

What to Know

  • Emails sent via Broadcast will now include an "Unsubscribe" button present at the bottom of the email. Clicking the button will allow the recipient to deny receiving any further Broadcast Emails.

  • Users will still be able to request a message in Updox to send a Broadcast to that email address, but the message will not be delivered.

Additional Information

In the event that one of your Patients wants to re-subscribe to the Broadcast Emails, please be sure to have the following information ready when contacting Updox Support!

  • Your Updox Account Number
  • The email address of the patient