How To's


How To: Send a Broadcast Message
The Updox Broadcast tool will allow you to send one-way messages to all or a select group of patients at once, using the following steps
How To: Create a Broadcast Template
Broadcast templates are messaging templates with pre-set text to make sending common messages quickly within Updox.    Step 1:  From within Updox, click Menu - Admin - Broadcast Configuration . You must be an Updox Admin to access this option...
How To: Use Broadcast Reporting
Broadcast Reporting gives insights into how your Broadcast message performed with your patients. Follow the steps below to use reporting in your practices.
Unsubscribing from Broadcast Emails
Summary As an Updox Practice/Pharmacy, sending out bulk Broadcast Email Messages via the Broadcast product, your recipients now have the ability to request that they no longer receive future communications. ( Similar to the current functionality ...
How to: Creating Broadcast Patient Lists
For specific Broadcast messages, you can create a custom patient list that will be available when sending to patients.   Step 1:   From within the Updox inbox choose Menu - Admin - Broadcast Configuration , click on ‘Lists’ then ‘New’ in the...
Tips and Trick: Using Broadcast with Forms
Broadcast is a great way to communicate directly with your patients. One great way to use Broadcast is to combine it with Forms. You can send forms through Broadcast and patients can fill them out and return them.  Let's take a look at an example....