June 2022

June 2022 – What's New?

Ability for Patients to Unsubscribe from Email Broadcasts


As an Updox Practice/Pharmacy, sending out bulk Broadcast Email Messages via the Broadcast product, your recipients now have the ability to request that they no longer receive future communications. (Similar to the current functionality with Broadcast Texts)

What to Know

  • Emails sent via Broadcast will now include an "Unsubscribe" button present at the bottom of the email. Clicking the button will allow the recipient to deny receiving any further Broadcast Emails.

  • Users will still be able to request a message in Updox to send a Broadcast to that email address, but the message will not be delivered.

Updated Login Security


Ensuring the security of our customers and the patients they service is a top priority at Updox. We are bettering our current security features by transitioning to a new identity and access management system.

This transition allows Updox to update our current password policy, add multi-factor authentication (MFA), and strengthen our session expiration system to ensure compliance with current health industry best practices.

The updates and changes that are being made during our transition will be done “behind the scenes.” Your typical workflow and interaction within Updox will remain the same and this change will not affect Users' day-to-day duties.

What to Know

The Log-In Page will look a bit Different

You will not need to change your login process at all. You will go to the same link/bookmark that you have now and the system will route you to the appropriate place automatically. The login page itself will look slightly different moving forward. In addition, you may notice a webpage redirect as you login.

Login Screen

Future Plans

The following features will be enabled by the new security framework, but will not be available immediately on your switch to the new login screen.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is an authentication method that requires the User to provide two or more verification factors in order to log in to your account. Rather than just asking for a username and password, MFA requires additional verification factors, which decreases the likelihood of a successful cyber attack.

Updox Admin(s) will have the ability to decide whether this will be a requirement for all Users within a Practice/Pharmacy or not. If not deemed to be a User-wide requirement, individual Users will also have the opportunity to set up MFA individually.

Security Settings “Hub”

Updox Admin(s) will have an additional settings tab within Updox (Menu → Admin) for security settings. This menu will be the central hub for IP Address safelisting (for Practices/Pharmacies that use a VPN), resetting Users' passwords, and much more.

Non-Updox Admins will also have their own individual security settings tab with Updox. Similar options will be available and any changes will only be made to that specific User’s account, rather than affecting the entire Practice/Pharmacy. This ensures each individual User has the ability to customize the security of their account in whichever way they desire.

NOTE: When the settings hub comes, then the updated password requirements will be in place. Further information/communications will be provided upon release

Future Password Requirements

In our efforts to ensure our customers have the utmost security, we will be increasing our minimum requirements for our passwords. Updox will not force you to change your password upon our migration to Keycloak, although, we very strongly recommend that you take initiative in strengthening your password.

Be sure that each of the following criteria are met when updating your password:

  • Minimum length of 12 characters

  • Must include one special character

  • Must include one uppercase character

  • Must include one lowercase character

  • Must include one digit

  • Cannot reset their password to any of their last 5 used passwords

  • Cannot have more than three consecutive, identical characters. For example, “Password123$$$“ is valid, but “Password123$$$$“ is not valid because there are more than three “$“ characters in a row

  • Cannot match any “commonly used or hacked“ passwords maintained in a list that we source from security organizations

As other changes are implemented or become available we will let you know. In the meantime if you have any additional questions please reach out to support

Video Chat 2.0 IS HERE!!!

As telemedicine and virtual care have become a common part of the healthcare landscape, practices need the tools to create a mutually beneficial patient/provider experience.

Updox’s new solution, Video Chat, does just this. With Video Chat, you can expect:  

  • More intuitive and comprehensive waiting room user experience
  • Patient connectivity status 
  • Group calls accommodating up to 12 participants
  • Public waiting room URLs to support urgent care or on demand telehealth visits 
  • Increased host controls including the ability to add participants into ongoing video chat sessions.
  • HIPAA-compliant environment

Want to know more? Check out the Webinar below for a more in-depth showcase!