Support Form FAQ - Submitting A Request

Our support form is best to use after hours. If your issues is of an immediate concern please use our support chat. 

What information should I include on the form?

The more information the better! With detailed information in the form we can research the issue and possibly fix without the need of a call.  

Does submitting the support Form mean that I will get a call?

No, we do our best to resolve issues quickly and if you have an urgent issue or need to  talk to a support representative you should use our support chat. Form request can be worked by email or phone depending on the information provided and the issue. 

If I submit a request by form when will I hear back?

We work the issues in the order they are received. We do try to work them as fast as we can but we do not have a set turn around time for contact. If your issues needs resolved quickly please use the Support Chat.