Updox Messenger Overview

Messenger Frequently Asked Questions                                   

What is Messenger?

Messenger is a HIPAA-compliant, intra-office messaging product that brings together all your team communications into one place, increasing productivity and staff collaboration. 

What are Messenger channels? 

Messenger Channels contain chats that are dedicated to a specific topic, team or workflow. Channels help organize your staff communication and can be defined based on whatever works for your office. For example, you might choose to create channels for each of the providers in your practice and include the staff that support each of those providers.                   

Think of a channel as a chat room that is dedicated to a specific topic where the number of people in the room can continually come and go but the focus of the conversation always remains the same.

Channels can be created by any user so we suggest you spend a little time thinking about what you need and who should be members of each channel.

What is the difference between a public and private channel?                                   

A public channel does not require an invite to join. Users can view any public channels and join them if they wish. A private channel requires an invite from a user that is already in the channel. Private channels will only show up to users that are members of the channel.                                            

What are messages?                                              

Messages are conversations between users. They are limited to the people they were started with. You can’t close a message, add someone to an existing message, or delete messages.                                        

What is the difference between a one-to-one message and a group message?      

One-to-one messages are between 2 people. A group message is between more than two people. You can’t add users to the group once it has been started and you can’t assign dedicated topics. You also can’t make group messages private.                                            

Who can I chat with or invite into a channel?

Users can message and create channels with anyone who has logged into Updox at least once since Messenger has been turned on for your organization.

Why don't some users appear in the staff directory?

A user will receive a notification for any new message or event that occurs. General notifications have a blue color. Orange notifications indicate that a user was mentioned at a higher sense of urgency and priority. To mention a user in a message, add an @ sign before their username. For example, @janedoe would result in an orange badge.

What type of attachments are supported?

Messenger supports a broad range of attachments from documents, images, videos, audio files, Microsoft Office formats, and more. The maximum file size supported is 50 MB.                                

Where can I access Messenger?

Users can access Messenger when they are logged into Updox. Users can also access Messenger on any browser (desktop or mobile) by navigating to chat.myupdox.com and authenticating with their Updox credentials. Contact Updox customer support if you have questions about mobile availability for your EHR.                                           

What is the session timeout policy?

Any active sessions on Messenger, when logged into chat.myupdox.com, will timeout after 4 hours of inactivity. If the user is logged into the Updox application and Messenger is running, it will timeout either at the lesser of the timeout threshold set for your organization or 4 hours.                                          

How can I log out of Messenger?

When logged into chat.myupdox.com, users can click on the top of the menu that contains their name. A screen will appear where they can choose to log out. When logged into Updox users would log out the same way they would normally.

Is there a mobile app?                                      

Currently, there is not a mobile app. Users are still able to use Messenger on their smartphones by navigating to chat.myupdox.com and logging in with their Updox credentials.

Is Messenger HIPAA-compliant?                                   

Yes, Messenger is HIPAA-compliant. Messenger is hosted in a HIPAA-compliant data center, leverages encryption of message data, requires access controls for users to access messages and does not store any data on any client devices.