How to: Port Your Fax Line to Updox

How to: Port a Fax Line to Updox

What is Porting?

To “port” a phone number simply means to transfer the existing service from one provider to another. In this case, it would move the number to Updox. Please review the Key Points at the bottom before starting the process. 

Step 1:

Complete the attached Letter of Authentication (LOA)

  • If porting numbers from different carriers or different account numbers an LOA will need to be completed for each carrier and or account number. 
  • If porting a local number and a toll-free number a separate LOA must be completed for each.
  • If porting multiple toll-free numbers they can be on the same LOA if under the same carrier and account -- Toll-free numbers typically start with (800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833)
Step 2:

Ensure the authorizing person on the current carrier account signs the attached LOA.

Step 3: 

Get a copy of your most recent bill with your current fax number carrier. Please be sure the number(s) you are porting appear on the billing statement or please provide additional proof of ownership. 

Step 4:

Send all of this information by email directly to

What to expect once the information is submitted:

  • Once the port process has started you will receive an email verifying that all information has been received and is currently being reviewed and processed. 
  • Once the port is confirmed and all information successfully verified you will receive an email with a date the port will complete.  
  • After the port is complete the number will be added to your Updox account, and you will be notified at that time by email.
  • Once the port is complete and you receive that final email you can then contact the previous carrier to discontinue service for that line and ask the number to be removed from that carrier’s system.

Porting Rejections

Porting is a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) governed process and all information provided to us must match exactly what your current carrier has on file, or it will be rejected. 

  • If your port is rejected, you will receive an email with why it was rejected and an updated LOA will be required. 
  • If your port is rejected, the timeframe to complete starts over with the resubmit (4-5 weeks processing time)

Key Points

  1. After the information provided is verified correct, the transfer process takes 4-5 weeks to complete.  ** Please note that the legibility of the LOA form is important. illegible forms may be returned for resubmission if the data is not clearly written. **
  2. Do NOT discontinue your line with your current carrier until you are notified by Updox that the porting is complete.
  3. Not all numbers can be ported.
  • Your carrier may have restrictions on your account that do not allow your numbers to port away from them. You can verify this by contacting your carrier. 
  • Us / Our Carrier may not be able to hold numbers in your area. This means that we do not have service in your area and cannot move numbers with your (area code/prefix) to our account. 

      4. After the transfer is completed that number becomes part of your Updox account.

5. After the transfer is completed the physical fax machine in the office that was previously used to send and receive faxes on that line will no longer work to receive OR send faxes.

6. After the transfer is completed any devices (i.e. Internet service or credit card reader) in the office that share service on that line will no longer work.

You can check with your current service provider to determine if that will be an issue in your case and also if your number can be ported out.