January 2022

January 2022 -- What's New?

Reminders: Added a '72 Hour' Option

A “72 hour” option has been added to time selection dropdown for Reminders, allowing practices to schedule reminders to go out three days before an appointment.

Previously, “48 hours” was the second longest option in advance for reminders which presented communication issues between the office and patient depending on the day of the scheduled appointment. 

For example, if a patient has an appointment on a Monday, the “48 hour” option will be sent out on a Saturday when the office could be closed and unable to handle confirmations/reschedules/cancellations ahead of appointment day.

NOTE: The “Blackout weekends” options should also be enabled to ensure any 72hr reminder is delivered on a weekday. 

Located under: Menu → Admin → Reminders → Scroll down)

Added a Forms 'Dropdown Menu' in the Compose Window

We have added the ability to quickly and easily add your Forms links when emailing customers within the Compose window!

You will find this dropdown to the right of the "Templates" drop-down! Clicking the Form within the dropdown menu will paste the Form Name and Link at the bottom of your body message.

Rather than needing to manually copy and paste these links when emailing, the drop-down menu is now available just as it is when sending a text message!