Release of Information Overview

Release of Information

The goal of our Release of Information product is to help you efficiently manage and fulfill the stream of medical record requests flowing into your office. Many of you are already using Updox to gather and return documentation electronically, which is a vast improvement over a paper-only process, but by building a specialized product, we can provide even more value and efficiency. 

Our product delivers two key pieces of functionality which will optimize your medical release workflow - the Release of Information Dashboard and an updated Print to Inbox printer (also known as the Updox Printer).

The Release of Information Dashboard provides a centralized location for all your medical records and release of information requests. Multiple employees can easily collaborate on and prioritize requests, reducing the risk of forgetting to complete a request and helping your office successfully return the necessary information on time.

The updated Updox Printer integrates with the Release of Information Dashboard to allow you to efficiently gather documentation from your EHR (or other application). We’ve dramatically improved the speed of the printer, so adding documents to a request is almost instantaneous, and by adding it directly to a request, you no longer have to go hunting through the inbox for something you (or someone else) printed in earlier.

Once you’ve gathered and organized all the required documentation for a request, the final document can be delivered via fax or can be downloaded for printing and uploading purposes. 

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