Cancelling a Pending Fax

How to Cancel a Pending Fax

An Updox user can cancel a pending fax in the Outbound Faxes page. 

To cancel a pending fax, expand the fax details and click on “Cancel”. This button is only available if the fax is still in Pending status. 

After clicking the button, the fax status should change to Cancel Pending.

We will make every effort to cancel the fax, however, it may be too late if the fax is already underway. If we are able to successfully cancel the fax, the status will change to Cancelled

Please note that even if we are able to successfully cancel a fax, it’s still possible that some pages may have been sent prior to the cancellation. A cancelled fax does not necessarily mean nothing was transmitted.

If we are unable to cancel the fax in time, the status will be updated to Successful or Failed, depending on what happened.

The cancelled fax attempt will be documented in Fax Details as well as in the item's Audit Trail.

How much will I be charged for a cancelled fax?

If your fax is successfully cancelled, you will be charged for 1 page, no matter how many pages were in the fax. This mirrors exactly what we do for failed faxes.