Broadcast Messaging

Broadcast is ideal for increasing your patients’ access to care and information. Message all of your patients at once or segment groups based on demographics or diagnoses. Broadcast campaigns ensure patients stay on track for treatment and that they’re aware of your latest services and other important information.


Electronic Forms

Electronic Forms capture patient information in a quick and easy way. Forms flow through our secure, HIPAA-compliant environment and create a paperless experience for patients and staff. Collect information electronically from patients without managing piles of paperwork.



Updox Electronic Fax provides you constant visibility to sending and receiving documents from any location or device—removing the expenses of physical hardware and more!


Patient Portal

Provide patients with a convenient and secure way to interact with physicians, reduce the costs of sending out info to patients, increase practice revenue and efficiency, and market your practice as a forward-thinking, customer-focused business.




Queues allow for the ability to triage and organize the items within your Inbox. Similar to storing files in differently named folders.



Reminders is an appointment reminder solution that you can personalize to easily engage with patients and make sure they get the information they need and help ensure they keep their appointment. This two-way messaging solution allows you to remind patients about upcoming appointments via text message, phone call or email, and allows patients to respond by confirming or cancelling the appointment directly from the message.


Secure Texting and SMS

Texting is ideal for communicating with your patients in a safe and efficient way. Conversations take place in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment and alleviate the back-and-forth of phone calls, allowing your practice to remain connected to patients and exchange information before and after visits.


Updox Payments

An Integrated Solution for Improved Revenue Flow. Updox Payments lets you interact with patients by engaging them where they are—on their mobile devices. Embedded within the Updox inbox workflow, Updox Payments provides a simple, quick way to request and collect payments from any location or device.

Updox Printer

Updox Printer

The Updox Print to Inbox printer enables you to move documents from your EHR, a website, or other application to your Updox Inbox.