Porting vs. Forwarding Your Fax Line

Learn the differences between forwarding your fax line and porting.

Forwarding your fax line to Updox

Forwarding your fax line allows you to keep your existing fax line with your current carrier/provider.  Reasons for forwarding:

  1. Routing existing inbound fax traffic to Updox prior to porting.

  2. If your existing carrier will not allow your fax line to be ported to Updox.

Forwarding allows your faxes to come into the Updox inbox as part of our integrated electronic faxing. When signing up with Updox, we will automatically assign you a free fax line for forwarding. You can find this number by clicking on Menu - Admin - Fax Settings.

Tip:  If you intend to port with Updox, this process can take 4-5 weeks to complete.  Be sure to contact your current carrier/provider to use forwarding first so there is no delay in your integrated inbound electronic faxing when getting started.

Porting your Fax Line to Updox

Porting a number to Updox allows you to take your existing fax number from your current fax provider or carrier and transfer it to Updox. Updox then becomes your fax number provider. 

Porting is an FCC regulated process and therefore all information must be accurate, or the process will be delayed. 

Porting can take 4-5 weeks to complete. Sometimes these can be completed sooner, provided there are no carrier rejections or additional requests for information. Ensure your fax line is forwarded to your Updox number during this transition. There should be no downtime for a ported number when it transitions to Updox.

For questions please contact our support team at porting@updox.com.  

To start the porting process please see the community page “ How to: Port a fax line to Updox”

Tip: Once your number is ported to Updox, check with your current provider on the cancellation of that fax line account with them.