January 2022

Partner Portal Changes

Added Pagination to the 'Accounts' Page

Overview: Performance Improvement

Partner Admin(s) are now able to view the User List in a more efficient way to ensure that their waiting time does not solely rely on the application fetching all Users by providing them multiple pages on demand.

What Changed?

Addition of the 'Page Selector' Section

Upon loading the 'Accounts' page, Admin Users are now presented with no more than 50 active accounts. If a vendor has more than 50 records, they will now have a "page section" visible at the bottom of their screen with the option to click a 'Next' button to navigate to the next 50 active account records. (Shown below)

Toggling/Filtering Your Results

Previously active accounts were displayed at the top of the list and inactive at the bottom. Now accounts will be listed in the order in which they were registered (oldest to newest).

A Radio Button has been added granting you the ability to filter your results to either show:

  • 'Only Active Accounts' (Excludes Inactive Accounts)
  • 'All Accounts' (Including both Active and Inactive accounts)

Additionally, a column has been added to denote whether the Account is Active (the Green Checkmark) or Inactive (the Red 'X').  

NOTE: Inactive accounts now display with grey text instead of black.