Navigating the Dashboard

You can manage your patient and practice EHI export requests on the dashboard.   To access the dashboard, go to Admin and select EHI Export.  

The EHI Export Dashboard will start out empty, but as you add requests you will be able to see information about each request that is still active.   

After 30 days (from the date a request has finished processing and is available for download), the request will move to the Archived tab. You will still be able to view the details of the request once it is archived, but the downloadable files will be permanently deleted and no longer available.  

Searching and Sorting 

You can quickly search for a specific request by typing into the search field. If something is visible in the Dashboard, you should be able to search for it. To sort your requests, click on the column headers to sort by that column.  

Viewing Request Details 

To view more information, you can just click anywhere in the row to expand the request details and audit log. The Activity column will show the timeline and status changes while a request is processing and after it completes.

EHI Export Request Statuses 

The request status will show the current state of the requests you have initiated.  

Archived – A request that was completed more than 30 days ago and no longer can be downloaded. 

Error – A request that failed while processing that will need to be resubmitted.  

In Process – A submitted request that is processing but not yet ready for download.  

Ready – A request that has completed processing and is now ready to be downloaded.  

Downloading Exports

Once an export has a status of Ready, it is ready for download. Click anywhere on the row to access the request details.  

Your request may contain multiple files which will be available for download in the Actions column. Click on each hyperlink to download each file individually to your local device. You will then be able to open and unzip each file to access the contents on your device. 

Note, the date your request is scheduled to be archived will also be viewable in this column.