SMS Compliance


Due to rulings and regulations implemented by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) through the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), mobile carriers (e.g. Verizon) have implemented a series of policies and procedures to adhere to these guidelines to increase trust across the messaging ecosystem and reduce the spam that consumers may receive through SMS messaging. One part of creating this trust in SMS messaging relates to a registration process brought forward by carriers to provide transparency about who is sending messages, what types of messages they are sending, and if the consumer consented to receiving these messages. To comply with these new regulations, Updox will be making a series of changes to our SMS-based products to ensure compliance with these new regulations and allow us to stay ahead while ensuring deliverability of SMS messages to your patients. 

Updox has been working directly with our messaging service providers to collaborate on best practices to ensure compliance and aid Updox in developing a strategy and solution that creates a consistent experience for consumers that aligns with how other software vendors are approaching these regulations. These conversations have led Updox down the path of moving our SMS-based products to standardized text messages that drive the consumer to a web application to take action or view additional information and instructions from the practice. Multiple Updox products that leverage SMS delivery already align with this strategy including Video Chat, Payments, and Secure Text. In the future, Updox will make updates to its Broadcast and Appointment Reminders products to align with this strategy.   

Updox will roll these changes out in phases. The first phase will be to move our Broadcast messaging to the new outlined strategy above followed by reminders shortly after. To learn more about the changes for Broadcast, CLICK HERE.

Additional information will be posted about Appointment Reminders in the coming weeks.