November 2023

Partner Portal New Column Name: Account ID

We have changed the column name from emr_account_ID to "Account ID" on our Partner Portal Accounts pages. 

HIPAA Compliant Names, Practice URLs, and Phone Numbers Now Editable through Partner Portal Account Page

We have updated our Partner Portal Account page so that you can now edit existing HIPAA Compliant Names, Practice URLs, and Phone Numbers.  

  • The HIPAA Compliant Name, Website URL, and Alternative Website URL will now display around the Address section on the Account (PID) page. 

  • In the Edit Account Demographics, the values display in the following order: 

    • HIPAA Compliant Name under Account Name 

    • Phone Number under Postal/Zip Code 

    • Website URL under Phone Number 

    • Alternative Website URL under Website URL

Update  to the /UserActions APIs on the NewIO Page

We have made updates to the /UserActionsdocumentation for the UserCreate,UserUpdate, and UserSave fields. 

  • The Providerfield has been updated to state: 
    • If the user is a provider with an NPI, this should be true. Usage of this depends on how the partner's integration strategy is configured.
  • The Adminfield has been revised to state:
    • If true, gives the user who is being saved access to the admin menu within the Updox Inbox. (Login ID/Password or SSO required)

Create a Release of Information request from an Inbox Item

You can now create a Release of Information request from items you receive in your Inbox. Select the item and click Create ROI Request to get started with your request. 

Learn more about Release of Information here