January 2023

Public API Changes

Updated Documentation for MessageRetrieveWithAttachmentId

Overview: Documentation Update

MessageRetrieveWithAttachmentId is not intended to be used to retrieve form data, instead use MessageActions.MessageRetrieve. 

NOTE: The new FormActions.RetrieveSubmittedForm can be used to retrieve discrete form data.

2022 MU Measure APIs Allowed Date Range No Longer to Exceed 1 Year

Overview: API Maintenance

  • Restrict date values to prevent infinite date ranges on MeaningfulUse_2022_Actions APIs

    • Allowed date range should not exceed 367 days.

    • 4060 Invalid Arguments error will be displayed if a user tries to submit a date range > 367 days

Generate Webhooks for Email Sent Faxes

Overview: API Maintenance

A webhook notification is now generated when an inbox item for a forwarded "email fax" is created in Updox.

Updated SmsSend API Error for Messages That Are Too Long

Overview: API Maintenance

We have Improved the error message returned to Updox partners when a 5000 error is triggered by a SMS message > 670 characters.

  • When the carrier returns the error: Message Too Long: “SMS message is too long (must be <= 670)”

    • Message should now return error code 4060 and message “Validation Failure - Message content is too long”