February 2022

Public API Changes

Added Details for 'Location' to PortalAccountSave, PortalAccountUpdate, & PortalAccountCreate

Overview: Documentation Update

We have added additional details to the PortalAccountSave, PortalAccountUpdate, and PortalAccountCreate API documentation to better explain what is required for the Location field.  

"A location must be synced to Updox or created in the UI prior to setting this value for the portal account. Use the location code of the location." 

Additional Information

Locations can be added via the LocationsSync API.

  • Use LocationsSync.locations.code for PortalAccountSave/Update/Create.location.
  • If the location was created in the webapp:
    • Use the 'Location ID' which can be found in the Admin Menu under Manage Locations for PortalAccountSave/Update/Create.location.

Created PortalAccountGet v1.5 to Add a 'Verified' Option

Overview: Version Update

Created PortalAccountGet v1.5 which added 'verified' to indicate when a patient has verified their patient portal account.

NOTE: If a patient portal password reset has been performed on a verified portal account, the portal account will revert to unverified until the patient has successfully logged in.