June 2023

Public API Changes

Location and Suffix Added to PatientsSync

Changes to the PatinetsSync

  • location- A patient will be associated to a location based on the location code from the /locationSync 
  • suffix - Suffix will only accept the values that match the Updox UI
  • If an empty location or suffixis submitted, any previous values will be overridden
  • An error will be returned for invalid locationor suffixvalues

New CSV Mapping for SAML-Federated Users

We have created the CSV mapping workflow for SAML SSO users.  The new CSV mapping will allow SAML SSO users to create new users and/or modify, and deactivate existing user accounts. 

Restrict User CSV to Only Admin Users

We have added the ability to restrict User CSV file uploads to only Admin users.  Non-admin users will not have the option to upload User CSV files.  Non-admin users will still have the ability to upload CSV files for other tasks.