Welcome to the Updox Knowledge Base!

What is the Updox Knowledge Base?

The Updox Knowledge Base is our new and improved customer resource center for documentation ranging from tutorials, webinars, best practices, and more!

Introduction to Updox

This section is recommended for newer Updox Users to assist with learning about our features and setting up their account for success!

Using Updox

This section is recommended for current Updox Users for video/written tutorials, webinars, and troubleshooting dived by each Feature!


This section is where you will find the download links & tutorials for installing various features such as: the Updox Printer & Updox Print to Fax!

FAQ & Troubleshooting

Have a question or concern? Chances are someone else has had one too! Check out the FAQ & Troubleshooting section to find a quick answer!

Tools & Account Administration

This section is recommended for Updox Admin Users to assist with managing your Updox Account and Users!


This section is recommended for Updox Partners to assist with your needs!

Release Notes

A monthly breakdown of all of our exciting updates, additions, and features that Updox has released. Be sure to regularly check this page to ensure you and your practice are up-to-date with any changes!

How Do I Bookmark this Page?

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Step 2:
  • While on the homepage, press Ctrl + D on your keyboard (Command + D for Mac)
    • A small pop-up will appear near the top right corner of your web browser
Step 3:
  • You can then rename the bookmark by clicking in the textbox labeled "Name" 
    • Feel free to choose whichever name you like!

Future Plans

We plan to continue improving your Updox experience with our new Resource Center. Some of our plans include:

  • Integrating the Resource Center directly within your Updox Inbox.
  • Adding the ability to subscribe to various sections & pages notifying you when information has been added or updated.
  • Establishing better communication between Updox and our customers (you!).