Faxing from Queues

Enabling Fax from Queues

An Admin setting has been added to Practice Settings, which will allow the enabling/disabling of Fax from Queues for the entire practice. This setting is listed as “Allow sending outbound faxes from queues” and will default to “off”, therefore must be activated for Fax from Queues to function.


Heads up! Only Users with Admin status will be able to access the settings above.

For more information on setting up queues, please check out the Account Set-Up category.

How to Use

The new “Send From Queue” dropdown will appear on the Compose screen, when Fax from Queues is active, and the user is a member of at least one active queue.

Users will still have the ability to send as the practice or privately. If a user chooses to “Send as practice”, the Send from Queue dropdown will not appear. If a user deselects the option to “Send as practice” and doesn’t select a queue to send from the fax will be sent as the user (privately).

Users will only be able to send faxes from queues they are a member of. Users will be able to search from a list of queues to select the one they would like to send from if they are members of multiple queues. If a user is a member of more than ten queues, a type ahead search field will be available.


Setting the From Fax Number

Upon selecting a queue, a secondary dropdown will allow users to select a fax number from which to send the fax, if multiple numbers have been assigned to that queue (configured within the Admin Fax Settings menu). 

NOTE: If fax forwarding is being used or the user would like to send from a different number than is assigned to the queue, the user can enter their own fax number in the From Number field (enabled via the Admin Practice Settings menu by selecting “Enable displaying a custom fax from number”). 


When sending a fax from a queue, the queue name will populate the [fromName] variable on the fax coversheet. The correct number the fax was sent from will be displayed as the [fromFax] variable.

Faxes Sent from a Queue

Once a fax is sent, only users assigned to the selected queue will be able to view the fax in the Sent folder.

Fax Back and Fax from Queues

Fax Back functionality will respect Fax from Queues behavior. When a user selects the Fax Back button for a fax item that was sent to a queue, appropriate queue information will be populated (queue name, from number) and the Fax Back item will be sent as a “Fax from Queue” outbound fax.

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