Outbound Faxes Overview

Outbound Faxes gives you a detailed view into the faxes that have been sent out of your Updox account.



The Outbound Fax dashboard shows a complete day’s worth of faxes, always on one screen. If you want to view a different day or view a date range (limited to 7 days), use the Date selector. If you want to only see successful, pending, or failed faxes, use the Status selector. You can sort the faxes by any of the visible fields.


You can use the search box to search within the day’s faxes to find the exact fax you’re looking for.

Fax Visibility (which faxes can I see?)

Standard users have the same visibility to faxes on this screen as they do in the Updox Inbox; if they can see a fax in the Sent folder, they can see a fax here. Likewise, faxes that the user cannot see in the Sent folder are also hidden here.

However, admin users now have the ability to see all faxes that have been sent out, regardless of whether or not they are able to see them in the Inbox. This helps our admin users monitor all outbound faxing, something that has been requested many times.

If this is a problem for your office, please contact Updox Support to discuss.


Don’t worry about constantly refreshing the page, we’ll let you know when there are new faxes that have been sent out. 

Additionally, any “pending” faxes you see are automatically updated as soon as they are successfully received or fail.

Fax Details

You can dig into the details of any fax by clicking anywhere on the row or using the chevron (down caret) on the right-hand side of the page. Here, you can view more information about the fax, view the confirmation page, download the fax, download the fax & confirmation page, and even resend it.

Below is a glossary of terms that you may find useful as you review your fax details.

SentWhen the fax was originally sent
Sent byThe specific user that sent the fax
Sent asWho the fax was sent as: User, Practice, or Queue
Sent from numberFax number from which the fax was sent
Sent to
Contact name
Sent to numberFax number to which the fax was sent
Received / Failed atWhen the fax was successfully received or failed
Failure reasonThe error message received when trying to send the fax
PagesNumber of pages sent in the fax
Media typeHow the fax was sent: just paper, just online, or paper and online access
SourceWhat part of Updox was used to send the fax
Time to completionThe total time between when the fax was originally sent and when it finally succeeded or failed
Transmission timeThe time it took for us to transmit the fax from one fax machine to the other, in other words, how long was the actual phone call
Number of attemptsThe number of times we tried to send the fax before it ultimately succeeded or failed