Tips and Trick: Using Broadcast with Forms

Broadcast is a great way to communicate directly with your patients. One great way to use Broadcast is to combine it with Forms. You can send forms through Broadcast and patients can fill them out and return them.  Let's take a look at an example. 

First, let's get the Form link.  

Go to Home > Forms Library

Select the form you would like to use and click the icon for Copy form link to clipboard.  

Helpful Hint: You could connect your form to a queue to direct it back to the designated queue after the patients fill it out from the Broadcast message.

Now that we have copied the form link, let's set up our Broadcast message. 

Go to Home > Broadcast

Select the type of message you would like to Broadcast.  With the Form, we can use email, text, or portal.  In this example, we will use text. 

Next, select who you are sending the message to. This could include any Broadcast lists you have created or the options in the Send To menu. 

For this example, let's select Tomorrow's Appointments. 

Fill out your message and paste the link to the form. (You can also use any Broadcast templates you have created to populate the message). Keep in mind that you are limited to 140 characters which includes the characters in the form link. Click Send to continue. 

Read the Broadcast Confirmation and click Continue. 

Your patients will receive the form link, fill it out, and submit it back to your inbox for you to review. 

 Using Forms with broadcast can help close the loop when communicating with patients.