February 2022

February 2022 – What's New?

New Inbox Buttons – Appearance and Functionality

The new “Inbox Buttons” feature now grants you the ability to choose which "action buttons" are present and the order they are presented next to an item within your Inbox! The new Inbox Buttons give you the ability to personally choose how your account looks and operates to best optimize your office's workflow. 

Take charge now and tailor your Inbox to meet your needs, rather than the other way around! 

Previously hidden buttons (such as “Route Item”) can now be accessed in less clicks. In addition, the redesigned interface for the Inbox Buttons provide easier navigation and are more visually appealing.

Customizability is only available to Updox Admins, although any change(s) made will be reflected within the Inbox for all Users.

The “More” Button

“Actions” has been renamed to “Page"

Buttons listed under the “Actions” button previously only affected Inbox items containing pages or attachments. With the interface being updated, we found a perfect opportunity to update the button title to better suit the intended capabilities of those actions. Additionally, we have combined the “Options” and “Actions” buttons into a single button labeled as “More” to eliminate any potential confusion for our Users! 

When the “More” button is clicked, a new drop-down will appear on the right-hand side with both “Options” and “Pages” panels available.

“Options” Panel

The “Options” panel will include any items that have not been selected to be displayed. These hidden items also have the ability to be re-ordered.

“Pages” Panel

The “Pages” panel will only appear when the item contains attachments since these actions can only performed when those are present.

For additional information on setting up and using the Inbox Buttons, visit How to: Customizing the Inbox Buttons (insert link)

Updox Admins: Added Ability to Set "Text Notifications" for Your Non-Admin Users

Updox Admin’s now have the ability to view and edit their other Users' notification settings for text messages.

Previously, this setting could only be accessed from within the specific User's settings (“Menu → Profile → Notifications” ).

Reminders: HIPAA Warning Message for Email, SMS, and Computer Voice Scripts

We have added additional warnings to the various features surrounding Reminders to ensure the potential distribution of PHI and non-HIPAA compliant information is non-existent. 

Some of the warnings include:

  • Ensuring you do not include any PHI within the your Reminders' scripts
  • Reminding you to be careful that the appointment type(s) do not reflect any PHI information

NOTE: Our email and SMS reminders are plain emails and SMS texts – they are not designed to be secure to hold PHI at this time. The same warning is the same for each script type.

Inbox Footer – Visual Update

The footer has been updated to show: Account ID (PID), Account Name, the User’s Name, and the status of their EHR Connecter. In addition, the color of the bar has been updated from dark grey to a lighter grey to better visibility.

This change was made to expedite troubleshooting times between you and our Customer Support when in need of assistance.

It is extremely important that our Support team is able to obtain and confirm your Account ID prior to assisting to best minimize potential instances of breeching HIPAA or security of your account.