FAQ: Forms

We often get these questions about forms. We wanted to put together a FAQ guide to help you find answers to your questions easily.  

Form Management

  • I have 5 forms that I would like to combine into a single form. Is there any way to copy, paste, or merge content from different forms? 
    • No, not currently. Our development team knows this is a priority for Updox community members. 
  • Help! I’m not able to use certain field types (signature, star rating, link, or image upload) in my form. Why is that?
    • There are two types of forms: portal forms and web forms. Portal forms appear on your patient portal, under the portal tab. Web forms appear in the forms library with a URL. If you check “active/public on portal” when creating a form, certain field types are disabled. Some people decide to leave those boxes unchecked and copy the URL into the “about us” portion of their patient portal. 
  • Where can I find the form URLs?
    • You may be in the form management tool (Menu - Admin - Form Management). Navigate to Menu - Home - Forms Library to access URLs.
  • I’d like to selectively cascade or hide questions based on answers to previous questions in a form. How can I do that?
    • This is not currently possible, but we may create this possibility in the future!