January 2024 Release Notes

New Telehealth URL

We have added the ability to add the link for a Public Waiting Room to reminders to simplify your Video Chat text and email reminder workflow. 

Once the link is set up, select it from the new Public Wating Room dropdown. 

Next, when setting up or editing your text or email reminder scripts, you can select the [telehealthurl]variable to link the waiting room you set up. 

For more information see our article Adding a Waiting Room Link to Your Reminders.

Updated SMSSend API Flows

To comply with new regulations from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) through the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) we have been making changes to our SMS-based products to ensure compliance with these regulations.  

For API Partners:

Individual SMS number verification is required for each account, as well as each location and/or queue before SMS messages can be sent. For new accounts, locations, or queues, the initial call to /SmsSend will initiate the submission process for SMS number verification. SMS number verification can take 2-5 business days, so we recommend waiting until confirmation that SMS number verification has been completed prior to allowing your customer to begin utilizing SMS quick send. 

Starting on January 31st, 2024, when /SmsSendis called for an account, location, or queue that doesn't have a verified SMS number, a 4035 error will be returned stating, "SMS number not verified; verification has been requested." until the SMS number provisioning and verification process has been completed. 

Please note that if we find incomplete business information on file required to submit for SMS number verification, a 4039 error will be returned stating, “On file account business information is insufficient for verification.” Please use /PracticeUpdate/1.1 to supply required business information such as address and website for individual accounts.

SMS Send From Numbers

You will soon be able to view the SMS numbers assigned to your practice (as well as queues or locations) as you are sending an SMS text message. Along with the number, we will display the carrier approval status so you know if the number is ready to be used.   You will also be able to add a number to the location or queue if it does not have one already assigned. 

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