FAQ: Updox Payments

Frequently Asked Questions for Updox Payments

Can patients store cards on file for later payments 

No, to keep all patient information secure, Updox Payments does not store any patient card data.


Can I set up automated payment plans?

No, Updox Payments is intended to be used for one-time, ad hoc payments, like co-pays or fees.


Can a patient pay on the same request more than once?

No, once a payment of any amount is made, the practice will need to send a separate payment request for the remaining balance due.


How quickly may I begin taking payments?

Once you've applied for your merchant account, you can expect approval in two - four business days. Once you receive your approval email from PaySimple, the product should activate within Updox within an hour or two. Log out and log back in to check to see if the product is active. If it is not active by the end of the day, please contact Updox for assistance.