Address Book: Adding a Contact

Adding a contact to your Updox Address Book helps save time and errors when sending outbound faxes and texts.

Step 1:  From within your Updox account, click on the Address Book icon.

Step 2:  Click ‘New’ then ‘Add a contact / patient’.

Step 3:  Fill out the appropriate fields for your contact.  Here are some common fields used:

  • Category:  Choose the category for your contact. Make sure this is set to anything BUT patient.  
  • First Name, if applicable
  • Last Name, if applicable
  • Cell Phone:  Used only if you plan to use with Text
  • Business Name:  Encouraged for searching best practices
  • Fax Number
  • Address, if desired

Step 4:  Scroll to the top and click ‘Save’.

Step 5:  When sending a fax or text, your contact will now be available in the search results.