Best Practices


Inbox Buttons
The “Inbox Buttons” feature grants users the ability to choose which action buttons are present next to an item and the order in which they are listed. This enhancement allows for optimization specific to each account’s workflow.
Removing Spam Faxes from your Inbox
If you receive spam faxes to your Updox Inbox, you can block a number from interrupting your daily workflows.   Step 1: From a fax, you can click on ‘Options’ then ‘Mark as Spam’ Step 2:  You can also g...
Inbox Notifications
Our new layout at the top of the Updox Inbox makes it easier to review system statuses without filling your Inbox with pop-ups on the right. What are Notifications? Notifications are system-generated messages that appear in Updox to indicate th...
Filtering your Updox Inbox
Many of our customers find that filtering their Updox Inbox makes triaging fax, forms, text and video chat summaries more efficient.   @mcostianes shares some tips on filtering your Inbox to meet your workflow in this week’s Tip Tuesda...