How To's


How To: Create Forms
To create a form in Updox, start by going to Menu - Admin,  and select  Form Management .   In the Form Manager, you can manage existing and create new forms. Click Add New Form  to start a new form. Step 1: Name your form.  Keep in ...
How To: Access Forms
How to review created forms for your practice and to access the unique URL link per form.
How To: Access Forms Library for Sample Forms
Getting started with Forms is easy with the sample forms library.
Managing Completed Forms
Quick guide for managing your completed forms
Tips and Tricks: Using Tags with Forms
Tags allow you to filter and organize the items in your Inbox.  You can customize tags to fit the needs and workflows of your practice.  Once created, tags can be applied to the items in your Inbox.  Did you know that you can add a tag to a form? ...