Secure Text / Text Overview

How to use Updox SMS and Secure Text

A quick guide to get your practice using SMS and Secure Text today

 1.Log in to Updox
Enter your username and password to log in to your Updox account.
2.Locate the Text Message button

The Text Message button is located in the Menu line of the Updox Inbox. To initiate a text message, simply click the button.
3.Select Secure or SMS text

A Text Message window will open, and you will be able to select the option to send SMS or a Secure Text message.
*Content that contains PHI should be sent via Secure Text to ensure HIPAA compliance

?? Did you know??
The secure text link can also be sent by email. This allows the information to be accessed by phone or computer.
Select the recipient

Search for the recipient or contact by typing in the name or phone number, or simply type the recipient’s phone number for SMS. For Secure Text, recipients must have a phone number and date of birth saved in the Updox Address Book.
Create the text message content
*For Secure Text, there is a standard greeting message.
*For the message there is the ability to choose a template or type the message for both SMS and Secure Text

??Did you know ??
When sending a secure text you can allow the recipient the ability to respond or not by checking or unchecking the box at the bottom of the text screen "Allow Responses" (Checked by default)

What your recipient receives

For SMS, the recipient or contact receives a standard text message. For Secure Text, your recipient receives the standard greeting message and link. For both, the phone number will be the practice number.
Clicking the link

For Secure Text, the link is active for 72 hours. When the link is clicked, a browser will open and the recipient will be asked to enter their date of birth and last name. Next, they will set up a 5-digit PIN they will use to view all future messages
Texting in the secure environment

After the information is entered, the recipient will be able to review the Secure Text. If a reply is requested, the recipient can enter a message, add files or photos
Manage text messages in the Inbox

When the recipient replies, a new item will appear in the practice Inbox and their response will be added to the original message thread. You can also track receipt of text messages and easily file conversations to the EMR.