Tips and Tricks: Printing or Dragging Documents to the Updox Inbox

Updox offers a variety of ways you can add documents to your inbox.  Once in your inbox, you can combine multiple documents and send them out to another   Two efficient ways of adding documents to your inbox are printing to Updox and dragging and dropping.  

Printing to Updox

The Updox Printer works as an interface for you easily to add whatever documents you are looking at on your computer and add it to your Updox account. Once in your account, you can redact, mark up, or sign the documents and send them out.   Learn about installing the Updox Printer here

Below, I easily sent a clinical note, a lab result, and an x-ray to my Updox account just by selecting my Updox printer.  If needed I can mark up,  make notes, or sign the documents.  I can also combine and send them out all at once. 

Drag and Drop

Dragging and dropping documents of any type to your inbox is an efficient and easy way to get the documents you need for your patients all in one place.  Simply select the documents, drag them to your inbox and you're done. In the example below we have a clinical note, lab report, and x-ray.  

Once the documents are in your inbox, you can mark them up, redact, add signatures, and send them out individually or combine them into one message to send.