Improving Your Virtual Background Experience

The following is a guide for ensuring the best quality and performance of the custom virtual backgrounds feature within Updox Video Chat. 

Ensuring Virtual Background Quality and Performance

These steps are not required when using the virtual background feature, taking these initiatives will assist with quality and clarity between the background and yourself. 

  • Use a very bright and distinct color, such as a green or blue screen.
  • Higher quality cameras result in a better virtual background.
  • Do not wear clothing that is the same color as the virtual background that you choose.
  • Be careful with the location of your light source.
    • If your light is positioned behind you, the virtual background will struggle more to separate the background.
    • If your light is positioned in front of you, the virtual background feature will perform better.

NOTE: Any general webcam lighting tips should help you improve your setup, both when you’re using the backgrounds feature and even when not.