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  1. Welcome to the Updox Knowledge Base!

    What is the Updox Knowledge Base? The Updox Knowledge Base is our new and improved customer resource center for documentation ranging from tutorials, webinars, best practices, and more! Introduction to Updox This section is recommended fo...
  2. User Guide: Faxing

    How to Use Updox Electronic Fax A quick guide to get your practice using Electronic Fax today. Log in to Updox 1. Enter your username and password to log in to your Updox account.  Inbound Faxes 2. An inbound fax will appear in your Inbox as...
  3. Outbound Faxes Overview

    Outbound Faxes gives you a detailed view into the faxes that have been sent out of your Updox account. Features Overview The Outbound Fax dashboard shows a complete day’s worth of faxes, always on one screen. If you want to view a different da...
  4. Advanced Fax Routing Overview

    Overview Advanced Fax Routing replaces the previous fax routing rules that could be found in the Fax Settings menu ( Menu → Admin → Fax Settings ). With Advanced Fax routing, you can now create rules that match on the from number of the incoming ...
  5.  How to Install and Use Print to Fax

    An in-depth, video tutorial for installing and using Updox Print to Fax to its highest potential!
  6. Updox Technical Guide

    This guide will help troubleshoot compatibility issues you may experience.
  7.  Faxing: Overview

    The video below will take you through an in-depth tutorial for using our Faxing feature to its highest potential!
  8. Creating and Managing Users

    User Guide on Creating and Managing Users
  9. Porting vs. Forwarding Your Fax Line

    Learn the differences between forwarding your fax line and porting. Forwarding your fax line to Updox Forwarding your fax line allows you to keep your existing fax line with your current carrier/provider.  Reasons for forwarding: Routing exi...
  10. We are here to help!

    Contact Customer Support Customer support is staffed Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm Eastern Time. We are available to LIVE CHAT for immediate assistance during business hours. Click the “Need Help?” button in the lower right corner ...